Nebraska's electrical rates among nation's lowest


The State Chamber supports reliable, low-cost electric service as currently provided by existing public power entities. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Nebraska residential customers in 2015 paid the 11th lowest average retail price for electricity in America. At 10.79 cents/kWh, Nebraskans paid less for electricity than residential customers in any neighboring state. Nationwide, the average retail price for residential electricity is 12.67 cents/kWh. Meanwhile, Nebraska's commercial retail price for electricity was 8.90 cents/kWh, the nation's 13th lowest rate, compared to 10.59 cents nationally. It's another reminder that affordable and reliable electricity is one of Nebraska's most important competitive advantages. You will find these comparisons and many more in the Nebraska Chamber's 2017 Competitiveness Redbook, which will soon be distributed to State Chamber members and Nebraska policymakers.